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Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Psychiatry

Umschweif Lab
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פריימרי NRSN2 Wscale
primaey neuron NRSN2 infection
kariostat hands on


Our group aims to identify novel drug targets to treat depression and anxiety disorders. We focus on the inhibitory cells in the hippocampus, cells that are highly associated with these conditions. By applying cell-type-specific approaches, we search for new targets that mediate the function of these cells, and therefore, depression and anxiety-like behaviors. 

A major focus of our lab is Neurensin-2. We recently identified this novel protein as a dynamic, cell-type-specific regulator of emotional behavior. By combining molecular, physiological, cellular, and behavioral approaches, we aim to understand how Neurensin-2 mediates depression and anxiety and develop the next generation of anxiolytics and antidepressants.  

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Lila's birthday 2024
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מפגש וארוחת בוקר פתיחת 2024
holiday party
Anwesha welcoming breakfast
first lab lunch 2022

Lab News

New Equipment

April 2024

rig 1.jpeg
rig 3.jpeg

we got some new toys for the lab!

The electrophysiology room is starting to take place :)

Join us at beautiful Ein-Kerem, Jerusalem


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